Frecuently asked questions

1- ¿How much does it cost to publish into the map?

The registry and the publication of your marker is 100% free.

2- I have already filled out all the information but my marker does not appear on the map

When you finish creating a new marker, it does not appear published immediately, as it will be pending review by the team at ShivaMap
Within a period, usually no longer than three days, your new marker should already be reviewed. When the review has been carried out, you will receive an email indicating whether the information entered could be validated or if not, you will be asked for an alternative way to verify it.

3- How can I get verification as a local?

You must prove that you are an association, CBD store or Grow Shop to be able to appear as a bookmark
The options to obtain verification and publish your bookmark are:

  1. Send your CIF document or form 036.
  2. If you work Gestion Verde, you can indicate your client ID.
  3. If GoogleMaps has already verified you, indicate the URL to your marker .

All markers are reviewed by ShivaMap's human team.

4- If I decide to hide or delete a bookmark, how long does it take for it to disappear?

The effect on the map is immediate when you hide or delete the marker.

5- Can partners and/or users leave their opinion?

For the moment, the only one who will be able to make and/or modify the site will be the owner of the bookmark.

6- For cannabis clubs. Is this promotion? isn´t it prohibited by law?

Like GooglePlaces© (markers in GoogleMaps©) at ShivaMap we do not carry out any action that does not have a legal place in the current laws of the country where the marker is located. Thus therefore; No direct promotional action is being carried out to encourage cannabis consumption.

Following the GooglePlaces© model, at ShivaMap we only offer geographic location and forms of contact with professionals in the cannabis sector.