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Gestion Verde is the management software specificly designed for cannabis asociations.
Discover Gestión Verde, the original and leading software at cannabis asociations management.

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Gestion Verde 🥇Cannabis Club management software

1- Gestion Verde is a cloud-based cannabis management software that is continuously developed to offer comprehensive management for your cannabis association.

2- The software is designed to adapt to current and future regulations for cannabis associations, ensuring that your association complies with all relevant laws and guidelines.

3- Gestion Verde complies with the RPGD and has a high level of security to ensure that your association’s data is protected and remains the property of your cannabis association.

4- The software offers advanced features such as integration with scales and automated shrink control, RFID identification and fingerprinting for members, daily and monthly control of cannabis consumption according to member quotas, advanced electronic signature (biometric), prepaid system with “electronic wallet”, connection of different cannabis venues; maintaining independent management and more.

5- Gestion Verde also offers accounting and comprehensive management for your cannabis association, including controls for abstinence from consumption, minimum age and guarantor for new registrations, control of the association’s capacity with check-in and check-out system, generation of registration forms, minutes and reports, software parameterization to adapt to your association’s statutes, connection of different cannabis venues maintaining independent management, and more.

6- Gestion Verde has an automatic self-recharge balance ATM the definitive solution to automate the balance recharge process in the electronic wallet and avoid discrepancies in cash or internal fraud.

7- There is also a members’ APP available on iOS and Android to maintain active communication with members and consolidate the most social aspects of your association.

Cannabis software Gestion Verde in detail

Learn about the main functionalities that cannabis software offers you for managing your club Gestion Verde makes it easy for you to keep your cannabis club completely under control

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